Walking For Exercise

walkingSo you have already let that membership to the gym expire after only two visits during the entire year. You are currently using your stepper as a coat rack and your treadmill is growing moss in a moist corner of your basement. The ab lounge is lounging comfortably and your thigh master has a “Do not Disturb” sign hanging on it. Before you give up on working out consider walking for exercise.

Going for a nice, brisk walk is one of the easiest ways to work in a work out just about any time of the day. Many people choose walking for exercise because it is a natural activity that is relatively easy to do. You may feel a little sore after the first few times out but you will find yourself whipping into shape in no time. In fact in only a few days of walking for twenty or thirty minutes, you will feel it getting easier and easier. The benefits cannot be underestimated, fresh air and exercise, great mood boosters and you can lose weight as well, whats not to like?

I chose walking for exercise because it was a great way to get myself some alone time. Yes, the workout equipment in my basement yields some great results but I just don’t feel the same as I do after taking a brisk walk outside. I’d rather look at the trees and flowers than my basement wall. Walking for exercise gives me an opportunity to get in touch with nature and in touch with my own thoughts as well. There is nothing like pounding along to sort out any problems in your head, that alone time can work wonders.

Ironically, some of my friends have taken on the habit of going on brisk walks with me. They chose walking for exercise because I constantly talked about the benefits of the activity. Now I often find myself surrounded by others while I’m completing my workout routine. Even though this is “me time” I don’t mind the company. The miles go by in a flash when I have someone to talk to during the journey.

If you are thinking about passing up the next pricy workout gimmick consider walking for exercise. There is nothing to buy (aside from a good pair of walking shoes) and the workout can be completed almost anywhere. Save the gym membership and the workout machines for the winter.

Walking for exercise is the prime choice during the spring and summer months. You may find that you are so addicted to the activity that you will continue to walk during the winter. As for me, I undress my stepper and dust the treadmill during the winter months. After all, I paid good money for those items. Walking for exercise is still good even on a treadmill.