Do Traditional Remedies Work?

Traditional remedies often have a reputation of tasting or smelling bad. This is true of some, but there are a few that children find a pleasure to take. Some taste good, but others are applied in a different manner; the relief offered is the reward for taking them.

One of the former is a combination of honey and lemon. This combination is used for sore throats and coughing. The lemon cuts the mucus, causing coughing and pain while the honey coats the throat. If you are allergic to bees or some pollens, you may have difficulties with honey. It should also be avoided for children two and younger, as it can cause them problems.
An old remedy for bronchitis can be found in onions. The pungent bulbs are sliced, sauteed, then allowed to cool enough not to cause a burn. The still warm slices are placed on the chest, to be replaced when they’ve cooled off too much. It’s a recipe that’s been around for centuries, and many swear by it.

As a child, I had frequent ear infections. My mother would pour sweet oil into my ears, and it seemed to help. I should point out that putting a foreign object in the ear can cause problems, so check with the doctor before using this remedy.

If you’ve ever had a head cold, you know that clogged sinuses can create many problems, including difficulty speaking, a splitting headache and problems swallowing. Steam is one method of clearing it, but you can increase the benefits by adding vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is best, though you can use any kind. Put the vinegar and water in a pan, bring it to a boil and breathe the steam. You can repeat this as necessary.

Women of child bearing age have needed remedies for cramps since the time of Eve. Every culture has at least one and usually dozens of remedies, and traditional practices are still in use. My grandmother told me many things about this uncomfortable time of the month. I was instructed not to get wet, and never to work in a garden. I have yet to figure out why with these, other than the latter might get me out of some chores.

One of the ones that does work involves your feet. Keeping them warm and elevated can go a long way towards ending the pain. It’s also easier on the rest of your body, many over the counter and herbal preparations can cause at least some drowsiness.

Please check with your doctor before using any traditional treatments. Make sure to tell about any medications or supplements you are already using and about any medical conditions. This will help prevent side effects and drug/herb interactions.