Natural Treatment For Scoliosis


Having scoliosis can be difficult. There are many challenges attached to the condition, especially for younger people who may feel self conscious when they have to wear a brace, for example. This article looks closely at a few tips you can take on board to help you live your life better while living with scoliosis.

Breathing Exercises

One of the best things you can try when having to live with chronic pain is to attempt to master the breathing exercises that are now being recognised as a clear way of managing that pain. Deep breathing in particular has proven to be a very effective technique for those people who suffer. To practice deep breathing, find a quiet place in your home or place of work and start to focus on the breath. Try and clear your mind of distracting thoughts and the focus your mind on one particular part of your body. Imagine a spot just below your navel and then breathe into that spot. Let your abdomen fill up with air. Allow the air form your abdomen to come up and fill your body.There are many resources online to help you investigate this further.


You can also try some relaxation techniques to help you. Listening to relaxing music is always a good way to bring your stress levels down and helps you to manage your chronic pain a little better. There are even some specialist CDs that are aimed specifically at playing music and sounds to you that are designed to literally interact with your nervous system and calm you down. You could also try a technique called progressive muscle relaxation.


For many years it has been recognised that having regular exercise releases special chemicals called endorphins. These help to relax you and actually create a positive, happy feeling inside you. Endorphins really help to block off pain signals, which mean that getting regular exercise can help to reduce the effects of chronic pain. Do this enough and on a regular basis and you should soon find yourself not only feeling calmer but also reducing the levels of pain in your body. Obviously, chronic pain could be caused by a condition, which means that you must seek advice from your doctor before you take on any exercise regime. They will be able to advise you on the best type of exercise you can take on.

Do not underestimate the power of physical touch to reduce chronic pain levels. Massage therapists are now used to using massage as a tool to reduce levels of chronic pain in patients. They will give you a thorough assessment to see how you are feeling, and then they will work out which parts of the body would best be served by massage. There have been numerous reports of people actually being able to manage chronic pain through the employment of massage, so it is definitely worth trying out.

Whichever method you choose, it is important to remember that chronic pain can most definitely be managed. It’s just a question of trying out as many different methods and techniques as you can, until you find the one that tangibly helps with pain management.