Foods To Help Control Constipation Problems

Before we look into what are the required foods for constipation, we will first look into what the condition is and why it occurs and what causes constipation so that if one gets a thorough understanding of its etiology, they will be in a better position to take control of their situation and make necessary changes in their life style so that they can come out of the problem easily and with less difficulty.

Constipation means irregular bowel movements and not passing of the stool regularly on a day to day basis. People have difficulty in eliminating the waste from the body and do it only a few times in a week. The stool gets very hard and small in size and it acts really tough to eliminate. And one cannot describe the feeling if these bowels are not cleared on a regular basis. What causes this condition is nothing but poor diet that is low in fiber and high in fat content. So, if proper planning is done in the dietary aspect of one’s’ life, the problem of constipation can be over come easily.

Foods for constipation are separate as one has to eat a lot of fiber rich food that will cause easy bowel movement and thereby reduce other kinds of inconveniences this symptom brings about. There are a whole host of foods to help constipation. The people who are suffering from this condition should make certain lifestyle changes and modifications in their diet so that they can overcome this problem.

The body requires carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in requisite amounts daily for a smoother functioning of various physiological activities in the body. And especially for problems related to constipation, people have to take utmost care in identifying the foods for constipation and consuming the same in requisite amounts so that they can beat the problem with considerable amount of ease.

The problem can be overcome within no time when the appropriate diet is taken. If adequate attention is not paid to this condition, it might lead to serious medical conditions too. Therefore, one should not treat constipation in a lighter vein but take some time out to discuss with your family physician and also sit with your dietitian or nutritionist to come up with an ideal diet plan that will in most cases rectify the problem.

When it comes to constipation, we hear that people advise to consume a lot of fiber, fiber and only fiber. But too much of these fiber foods will also lead to a severe bloating sensation in the stomach. Foods to help constipation need to be taken in the right amount so that one can easily pass the stools and clear the bowels and feel better.
Why do people suffer from constipation in the first place? The main reason is the diet. If the diet comprises more of processed foods like sugars, pastries, refined white flour and white rice where the fiber content is almost nil, it results in constipation. Dairy and milk products that are high in animal fats and hydrogenated fats also cause constipation. Aerated drinks that are very low on nutritional content and high on calorie content will not only cause constipation but also increase in weight because of the high calories they are made of. Caffeine and high sugars and foods from which fiber has been removed totally cause constipation.

Including high fiber foods like fruit and vegetables with whole grains, seeds and nuts can help with controlling constipation and lower cholesterol as an added bonus.

If one brings about certain lifestyle changes in their daily routine, one can overcome the problem with the help of various foods to help constipation. One should consume a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber content. Drink lots of water and also perhaps herbal tea that is high in fiber so that when it is taken as the first thing in the morning, it will help in bowel clearance. Regular exercise too will help in overcoming the problem to a great extent.

When one consumes fiber rich foods, it has the ability to bulk the stool from inside and soften it so that the clearance of the same gets easy. So, fiber supplements like bran and psyllium too are found to be very effective in relieving constipation.