Acidophilus Beer Soak Treatment For Fungal Nails

The Acidophilus beer soak is in fact among the most time-consuming and rarely known methods to treat fungal infection in the nails. This treatment involves soaking your feet and hands in a tub of acidophilus beer. Acidophilus is a mixture of friendly bacteria, which acts as an immune booster and thus, can be utilized in the treatment to eradicate nail fungus.

How the Acidophilus Beer Soak Method Works For Curing Nail Fungus

The vital premise behind this acidophilus beer soak treatment is to soften the nails with beer, which are made stiff and brittle due to the nail fungus infection. At the same time, acidophilus beer creates the perfect acidic environment that ultimately suppresses the growing of fungus. We all know that fungi likes to breed in dark and damp conditions, and hates acidic climate. Thus, the acidic conditions created by the acidophilus beer acts as an anti-fungal agent against nail fungus.

How To Prepare Acidophilus Beer Soak For Your Nail Fungus

Before proceeding further, we should have a look at the ingredients, which will be used for developing the acidophilus beer soak for curing your nail fungus. You will need acidophilus sachets carrying 125 billion-organisms. You will also require dark beer, Guinness Stout Beer is the brand of beer most often recommended for fungus, and White Vinegar.
Prepare a solution of white vinegar, an acidophilus sachet (half sachet is enough), and dark beer in a large container. 1 liter of vinegar to half a liter of beer. You have to keep the mixture to stand for at least 20 minutes before soaking your feet and hands. Soak the nails for twenty minutes. This is regrettably not a quick acting treatment and will need to be repeated weekly for at least 6 months.

Want To Try Acidophilus Beer Soak Treatment?

Keep reading, and you will be able to make an appropriate choice for your nail fungal infection. There are few reasons for you to opt this remedy for your fungus. You may find this treatment preferable since all the essential ingredients are readily available, and it does not cost you much. Secondly, there is no chance of any side-effects since all the ingredients are safe to use internally.

Nowadays, a lot of individuals prefer home remedies since they are less expensive than prescription drugs and other natural therapies.

Moreover, prescription medicines may impair your liver, and cause other harmful side-effects. Still, home remedies can be a waste of time due to the consistency and patience required to find the first betterment in the ailment.

Other Natural Treatments For Nail Fungus Infection

You may opt using a natural solution that combines a mixture of botanicals to treat the root cause of the fungal infection. These natural products are designed keeping in mind the nature of the nail fungus. Thus they are highly efficient and better than prescription drugs and home remedies. These  natural products often contain tea tree oil, which actually attacks all sorts of fungal infection due to its antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.