10 Top Tips to Sneak Exercise in Your Life

walking exerciseWe have become obsessed by exercise, and are spending fortune on gym memberships and exercise classes. Not all of it is bad for us, but the fact is that we often exercise too much. What we should focus on is exercising for our lifestyle and personal needs. Most of us are not meant to be extreme athletes, so we don’t really need to go to excess to keep fit. But, how can we add more exercise to our day in an easy way?

10 Top Tips to Sneak Exercise in Your Life

There are many ways we can sneak in exercise into our daily lives, we just need to figure out how. You can easily burn off 500 calories per day without even thinking about it. Walking in its different forms is probably one of the best exercise that we can do to keep ourselves fit long term. Walking has three major benefits; it is free, you can do it anywhere and you move your entire body when you walk. Take a look at our joints and you will soon discover that we are meant to walk.

Tip One: Getting to work is often a rush, but if you use public transport you can easily fit in some extra exercise. Get off the bus one or two stops before the office, and walk the rest of the way. If, it takes you to ten minutes to walk, you will have burned off 50 calories at least. Walk at a faster pace, and you will burn more calories. Walking back to the bus will burn off another 50 calories. That is 100 calories in one exercise.

Tip Two: Take the stairs. There is no need to invest in a stair master at home. Walking for a minimum of ten minutes per day up and down stairs, will help you to burn off another 80 calories. Most people actually burn off more than that.

Tip Three: Don’t bother sending that email to your colleague across the hall. Walk across to him or her, and burn of some calories instead. twenty minutes walking around the office will burn off 100 calories.

Tip Four: How long does it take you to eat your lunch? Always take your lunch hour but spend part of it exercising. Try to go outside and get some fresh air. Let oxygen fill your lungs, and you will feel ready for the afternoon shift at work. A fifteen minute walk during lunch time will burn off 75 calories, and you will feel better.

Tip Five: Are going shopping after work? Going shopping is not only an excuse to spend money, it is a good reason to get some extra exercise in as well. Invest in a pedometer, and you will be surprised how many steps you take around your supermarket. It can be tough to figure out but 100 steps burns up 10 calories. So, if you shop using 500 steps, you will have burned off 50 calories.

Tip Six: Did you know that house cleaning will help you to lose weight? Hoovering and dusting is an excellent way to keep fit, and you burn about 8 calories per minute when you hoover. Fifteen minutes of house cleaning per day will mean that you use up at least 120 calories.

Tip Seven: Wash your car yourself, don’t take it to an automatic car wash. Car washing can be hard work, you do a lot of bending and stretching. Hoover your car out at the same time, and you will probably have used 10 calories per minute. A twenty minute car clean could mean that you have just spend 200 calories of energy.

Tip Eight: Dog walking is one of the best exercises we can do. Not only do we get companionship, but we also use up energy. Try to walk you dog up and down a few hills. You will soon find that you increase your cardio fitness and probably burn about 10 calories per minute. It is a no-brainer, 30 minutes of exercise will say goodbye to 300 calories.

Tip Nine: Play with the kids away from the computer. It is very tempting to play with the kids in front of the computer, but there are so many things you can do. Systems like X Box give you alternatives ways to exercise. Zumba is a fantastic way to get your entire body moving. Dance with your kids for 20 minutes, and you will probably burn about 10 calories per minute. This is an astonishing 200 calories for 20 minutes of family time with your kids.

Tip Ten: Make Love, making love does burn calories as well and can burn about 5 calories per minute. Making love for ten minutes could burn 50 calories, and give you a lot of pleasure.

It is amazing how many calories we can use up without even thinking about it. If you did some of these things in one day, you would be a lot fitter without having to think about. Ten tops tips to sneak in exercise in your life is not that difficult after all.