Therapeutic Pillows for Neck Pain Can Take the Strain Away

Therapeutic Pillows for Neck Pain

One in every four adults suffers from neck pain at least once in their lives. For the neck to hurt it normally means that we have “overloaded” it. There are many reasons behind neck pain, the main problems are related to bad posture and overloaded muscles in the shoulder, back and neck area.

Our neck can become overloaded in many different ways, however, using the right pillow when we sleep is important. Therapeutic neck pillows for neck pain can help to soothe aching muscles and relax straight tendons.

Most of the time we don’t consider what type of pillow we use. We buy any pillow which is cheap or that we think might be good for us, but there is no reason why we should not use therapeutic pillows for neck pain as our regular pillows.

Therapeutic pillows can ease and even take some of the strain away that our necks experience during the day. Our neck is constant use and we often take the function of our neck for granted.
Daily Neck Strain

We often think that we only assert pressure or strain on the neck when we exercise, but this is not true. Our neck comes under a lot more pressure than we think, and most of the time we are not aware of what strain we put our neck under.


Most of us have a job to go to and to get there we drive our cars. The seating position in a car can easily trigger neck pain. We sit with our arms stretched out, and the neck in a fixed position. Unless, we change lanes or overtake another car, we seldom move our necks.

A chiropractor once said to me that the headrest of our cars, is the least used part of the car. The other day when I was driving my car I realized that she was right. I was not resting my head against the headrest, I was sitting slightly away from it. It was just a little distance away, but it did mean that extra strain was placed on my neck.


The vast majority of us do not engage in manual work, or have a job that keep us moving about. When we get into work after driving our cars, we promptly sit down in front of our computers.
Unless, we actually get up and move away from our desks, the position of our neck seldom changes. We sit transfixed looking at the screen with our hands on the keyboard.

Just like when in the car, this puts pressure and strain on the exact same muscles as it did in the car.
When you step away from your desk, you may notice that your neck feels stiff and the shoulder muscles ache.

This is all as a result of bad posture, and sitting in front of the computer and driving the car, are two of the worst things you can do for you neck.

After Work

After work we get into our cars again and drive home. Some of us have long journeys to, and end up spending several hours in the car. That could mean that your neck has not been able to move freely for maybe ten hours.

The muscles and tendons of the back, shoulder and neck are in the same position for a considerable length of time, and they are now screaming out for some movement. But when we get home we often have other things that we need to do.

We may prepare a meal, and do some house hold chores, but after that we normally sit down again. The television now becomes the neck’s worst enemy, or worst still, we may even sit down in front of the lap top to catch up with some personal emails.

Almost everything we do in our daily lives today, adds to the strain on our neck, shoulders and back but we don’t very often recognize this. The problem comes when we do this 24/7.

Our modern day culture is a culture of sitting or laying down. We often sit down, and even sleep, in a poor position. To take some strain away from our neck, we should consider how we can support it.

Investing in therapeutic neck pillows can help your neck, and when you add in some simple exercises such as walking, you will help to avoid many of the common neck problems forced upon us by today’s modern lifestyle.

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