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Childhood Fibromyalgia

Unfortunately, fibromyalgia symptoms and many other autoimmune diseases are much more widespread today than they were in the past. Many of them don’t show up in blood or other medical testing… and some diseases like fibromyalgia don’t have diagnostic lab tests at all. They have to be pinned down by the process of elimination and physical exams by your doctor. Growing children have different physical needs and conditions than adults, and their symptoms of the disease can be wildly different. That’s why pediatric medicine is such a specialized field… and the study of fibromyalgia symptoms and autoimmune diseases is endless.

When a child exhibits symptoms of pain, fatigue, sleeplessness, bad dreams, insomnia, and sensitivities to smells and bright lights… we tend to think of them as “growing pain” issues… and perfectly normal. After all, everyone experiences these things from time to time. However, children may not be able to describe what’s going on with them and a combination of these fibromyalgia symptoms, in any grouping, should be setting off alarm bells for you as a parent.
Fibromyalgia can be sneaky, and if you don’t know what you’re looking for you can misunderstand the significance of the symptoms as unrelated as they may seem. No two fibromyalgia sufferers have situations that are exactly alike. Even the presumed triggers of the syndrome a severe illness or accident preceding the onset of the fibromyalgia symptoms will be different for each individual.

It wasn’t until I was in my late forties that I was personally diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The syndrome appears to have been triggered after an accident at the age of five. I had some very weird and misunderstood fibromyalgia symptoms. I’ve listed some questions here, that you can ask your child: Read More Here ...

Foods To Help Control Constipation Problems

Before we look into what are the required foods for constipation, we will first look into what the condition is and why it occurs and what causes constipation so that if one gets a thorough understanding of its etiology, they will be in a better position to take control of their situation and make necessary changes in their life style so that they can come out of the problem easily and with less difficulty.

Constipation means irregular bowel movements and not passing of the stool regularly on a day to day basis. People have difficulty in eliminating the waste from the body and do it only a few times in a week. The stool gets very hard and small in size and it acts really tough to eliminate. And one cannot describe the feeling if these bowels are not cleared on a regular basis. What causes this condition is nothing but poor diet that is low in fiber and high in fat content. So, if proper planning is done in the dietary aspect of one’s’ life, the problem of constipation can be over come easily.

Foods for constipation are separate as one has to eat a lot of fiber rich food that will cause easy bowel movement and thereby reduce other kinds of inconveniences this symptom brings about. There are a whole host of foods to help constipation. The people who are suffering from this condition should make certain lifestyle changes and modifications in their diet so that they can overcome this problem. Read More Here ...

Healthy Ginseng

Ginseng has been a popular treatment for a very long time. The first recorded use of Ginseng was several thousand of years ago in ancient China, and it is still being used today to treat a range of conditions in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Scientists are fascinated by natural herbs such as Ginsen, and are always trying to unlock their genetic code to make use of the health benefits of Ginseng.

It may sound strange, but if we can isolate the genetic code of a herb, we should be able to replicate it. One of the advantages is of course that we will discover more about the herb itself, and find out which part of a herb can treat a specific condition. Also, it would allow the scientist to patent the process, and license a drug which can be worth billions to a pharmaceutical company.

Let’s take a look at why Ginseng is so interesting to scientists. Read More Here ...

Reducing Stress Methods

Each person will have different reactions to stressful situations. So many people are unaware that they can take care of stress effectively, or learn how to cope with stress.

Make preparations for the day ahead. This will help you start every day feeling less stressed. Anything that happens day by day can cause stress, so prepare yourself in order to save efforts and stress. Having a plan for the day will help alleviate stress.

Think serene thoughts and visualize yourself calm if you begin to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Imagine yourself taking a hot bath or doing a task if you prefer. You can even close your eyes, breathe slowly and imagine a calming scene, like walking in the meadow, on the beach, or anything that calms you. Read More Here ...

Tinnitus Got You Down?

Lots of people wonder whether they are struggling with tinnitus. If you think you could have this medical condition, this article is loaded with ideas you have to know about tinnitus, and also the best way to manage this problem.

Make sure you get far from any situations where you’re exposed to loud noises. If you are not able to avoid them, ensure that you use earplugs. Often tinnitus is a result of being exposed to loud noises. You could possibly lessen your symptoms if you don’t expose yourself further to excessive sounds. By avoiding loud noises, you might reduce your likelihood of experiencing new episodes of tinnitus.

Start up a piece of equipment that can cause background noise, such as a radio or fan, as soon as your tinnitus flares up. Steady noise in the background can mask the tinnitus, and it may possibly not bother you so much. When your environment is pretty devoid of sounds, it is simple to become focused on your tinnitus. Needless to say, this particular involuntary fixation could be very unpleasant. Read More Here ...

Vitamins: What You Must Know Now

vitamins and minerals in foodIt doesn’t matter when you are old or young, short or tall. In essence, you are human, and human survival depends, in part, on vitamins and minerals.

Do you want healthy bones? Among the best ways for you to have good bone health is to ensure that you have adequate calcium in what you eat. To ensure our bodies readily absorb calcium, the body will need to have ample amounts of vitamin D. It is actually possible to have all the vitamin D required from sunlight, food, and supplements together. These will assist your system to absorb calcium.

Any supplement consisting of oil should be ingested with a meal. Vitamins A, E, and K is only able to be absorbed if taken with food. These vitamins are fantastic with foods that are higher in fat content. Read More Here ...

Cigarette Withdrawal Symptoms

cigarette withdrawal

You might think that most people that smoke have no qualms about it and want to continue. The truth is that most people who smoke wish that they did not. Nicotine is a drug and it is one that is incredibly hard to get over. Smokers try time and time again before they finally quit. One of the biggest reasons why people have such a hard time quitting is because of cigarette withdrawal symptoms. These are very powerful and they can break even the most determined. Will power alone is not always the answer because these symptoms are so strong.

Those that quit will notice problems within a half an hour. The average craving for nicotine lasts about thirty seconds to three minutes. If a smoker can get through that time without lighting up, they will feel better, at least until the next craving. This seems like a short amount of time, but to the smoker it feels like hours. This is when cigarette withdrawal symptoms are at their worst and is when many cave. Even those that get past a few of these end up craving the next time one hits. The craving is stronger – much stronger than one who has never smoked could imagine. Read More Here ...

Walking For Exercise

walkingSo you have already let that membership to the gym expire after only two visits during the entire year. You are currently using your stepper as a coat rack and your treadmill is growing moss in a moist corner of your basement. The ab lounge is lounging comfortably and your thigh master has a “Do not Disturb” sign hanging on it. Before you give up on working out consider walking for exercise.

Going for a nice, brisk walk is one of the easiest ways to work in a work out just about any time of the day. Many people choose walking for exercise because it is a natural activity that is relatively easy to do. You may feel a little sore after the first few times out but you will find yourself whipping into shape in no time. In fact in only a few days of walking for twenty or thirty minutes, you will feel it getting easier and easier. The benefits cannot be underestimated, fresh air and exercise, great mood boosters and you can lose weight as well, whats not to like?

I chose walking for exercise because it was a great way to get myself some alone time. Yes, the workout equipment in my basement yields some great results but I just don’t feel the same as I do after taking a brisk walk outside. I’d rather look at the trees and flowers than my basement wall. Walking for exercise gives me an opportunity to get in touch with nature and in touch with my own thoughts as well. There is nothing like pounding along to sort out any problems in your head, that alone time can work wonders. Read More Here ...

Anti Aging Cream


Everyone ages, and there is no way to change this sometimes depressing process. It is plain and simply part of life! Then again, there are effective treatments and topical products that can assist with anti-aging. You just need to know what your skin type is, and what stage in your life you’re at. This way you can find and choose the right facial cleanser, moisturizer, and anti aging cream for the job. Since each person’s skin type and age varies to some degree, the products you need may not be the same as your friends.

Do you currently have crow’s feet under your eyes? Are you dreading that face-to-face appointment with the mirror each morning because of some dark circles and puffiness? Hey, if this is the case, you are certainly not alone. While some of this is part of aging, it is also cause by factors like the sun, genetics, and too much salt in your diet. It is absolutely crucial to wear a good sun block to prevent facial skin damage and wrinkles. You additionally need to get a good night’s sleep to assist your delicate under eyes. Read More Here ...

Are The Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar For Real?

apple cider vinegarAre the health benefits of apple cider vinegar real? Lots of people claim that they have experienced health benefits after embarking on a health care routine using apple cider vinegar. The claims range from rapid weight loss to getting rid of arthritis. But, are the benefits real or imaginary?

Scientists are a little bit sceptical about the health benefits of apple cider vinegar. It is quite possible that it is true, but the opposite can be true as well. A few years ago, scientists working for a major lab carried out an experiment. It was a very extensive trial and involved 10,000 people who suffered from various health conditions. Out of the 10,000 participants, 5000 were given apple cider vinegar and the other 5000 were given a placebo in the exactly same bottle. None of the participants knew which ones had received the “real thing”, not even the scientists. When they results were analyzed, the truth came out.

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Work For Weight Loss?

Out of the 2000 participants in the weight loss trial, only 1000 were given the real product, the rest were given a placebo. All were told not use any other weight loss products, or programs, during a period of three months. Every month they had to return to the lab to chart their progress. Vital signs such as weight, blood pressure and heart rate were monitored. As each bottle had a unique number, and the scientists knew the participants by a number, there could be no cheating or false indications. Only an outside organization knew who had received the genuine product. Read More Here ...